Whether it's scratches, dirt, dust, sun damage, or any other type of damage, your collection will be safe and sound as long as it’s placed in a plastic case. Get pop protectors! These plastic cases made from PET material are designed to keep your collection safe and sound. Can you bear to see your collection of funko figurines getting damaged because they are out on the display without protection? If you are an avid fan, then the answer must be no.

Then what is a surefire way to protect your collections with ease? The answer is simple.
Select from our wide selection of Protectors! Geek Fashion brings you amazing quality Funko pop protectors in premium manufacturing. You will have to assemble them first, which takes a few seconds only. And no, it won’t drop or fall down because there is no extra space. The best part is there is enough space inside the case to keep your action figure in a standing position.

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