The Best Pokémon TCG Cards; The Ultimate Collection

Every generation of Pokémon has its best Pokémon TCG cards. Those in which people have searched long and hard to collect or hold dear to their deck. Some even costing a decent price in the present.

There are now 8 generations of Pokémon, and it’s a lot of cards! So, of course this list is not complete (far from it). However, stay tuned as we update this list as new generations come out.


1. Rayquaza C Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Rayquaza C Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

Rayquaza C Lv. X is one of the best Pokémon TCG cards as it has an HP of 120! With this incredible Pokémon, you can pull an energy card from the discard pile and attach it to Rayquaza if it is attacked but not knocked out. However, you can only use this dragon spirit move when it’s your active Pokémon.  

Even more so, You can use Rayquaza to collect energy cards without wasting turns. This Pokémon card also has a very strong attack, which blows 200 damage points! But, you must discard all energy cards you have collected after an attack (unless you don’t have any in your hand).


2. Charizard G Lv. X (Supreme Victors) 

Charizard G Lv. X (Supreme Victors)

A powerful Pokémon with 220 HP, Charizard G Lv. X is definitely up there in the best Pokémon TCG cards. What’s so great about this Charizard card? Well, you can move an energy card to Charizard before attacking during your turn. You can do so as many times as you want, just not if Charizard is under the influence of a special condition.

This Pokémon card has a mean attack too, but at a price (5 energy cards to be exact). Use Charizard’s Malevolent Fire, which deals 150 damage points. But keep in mind you may need to discard all of your energy cards if you flip a tail on a coin toss.

3. Lycanroc GX (Guardiance Rising)

Lycanroc GX (Guardiance Rising)

Once evolved from its prior form, Rockruff, Lycanroc GX is a nice play to add in your strategy. You can get 3 great attacks out of this Pokémon card, and none require more than 3 energy cards to work. Here are the plays you can do:

  1. Crunch (2 energy cards): Eliminates an energy card from the opponent and deals 30 damage points. This move stalls your opponent as you are removing energy as fast as they attach it.
  2. Accerelock (3 energy cards): Deals 120 damage points. Usually, this move can defeat most opponents in just two hits.
  3. Lycanfang GX (3 energy): Deals 200 damage points, but it costs two energy cards. This move has a retreat cost of one, allowing you to easily switch to recover status conditions.

4. M Gengar EX (Phantom Forces)

 M Gengar EX (Phantom Forces)

Talk about a powerhouse card, M Gengar EX is of course on our list of the best Pokémon TCG cards. Gengar allows you to choose any of your opponent’s Pokémon attacks and make it its own.

However, it does come with a cost of 1 psychic card and 2 colourless cards. The Phantom Gate move is unique and can definitely help in your strategy.

Furthermore, this Pokémon card has 220 HP, a pretty impressive number at that! You can’t go wrong with having this card in your deck!

5. Palkia GX (Ultra Prism)

Palkia GX (Ultra Prism)

This Pokémon card is unique because it encompasses two GX cards. Both cards are the same, except for its type. The first being a Dragon, which takes extra damage points from Fairy, and the second is Water which suffers more pain from Grass. Though different, both GX cards use water energy in their attacks.

There are three attacks accompanied by Palkia GX, depending on your strategy and how your opponent plays, here are your options.


  1. Spatial control (1 energy card): You can move any amount of energy cards from your benched Pokémon to Palkia.
  2. Hydro pressure (3 energy cards): Palkia deals 60 damage points, and 20 more for every water damage.
  3. Zero vanish GX (5 energy cards): Though this attack costs more energy than the others, it deals 150 damage points and takes all energy cards of opposing Pokémon back into your opponent’s deck.

Furthermore, though Palkia GX is a strong character, it doesn’t have any resistance and requires three energy cards to retreat. It very clearly deserves its ranking in the best Pokémon TCG cards.

6. Armaldo EX (EX Legend Maker)

Armaldo EX (EX Legend Maker)

Armaldo EX offers three possible attacks and holds an HP of 160 points. If used properly, this card can be used for a great attack strategy. Here are your three attack options:

  1. Dual Armor: If Armaldo has any React cards attached, it becomes a leaf and fighting type.
  2. Spiral Drain: You can remove two damage counters from Armaldo and deal 40 damage points to your opponent.
  3. Vortex Chop: Deals 70 damage points but, if the opponent Pokémon has a smidgen of resistance, the damage points spike up to 100 points.

7. Reshiram GX (Dragon Majesty)

 7. Reshiram GX (Dragon Majesty)

Some of the best Pokémon TCG cards still have their faults, but the power that comes along is worth it. For instance, Reshiram GX does not have any resistance and is weak towards Water.

BUT, Reshiram conquers with its three possible moves.

  1. Flame Change (1 energy card): Attach two Fire energy cards to Reshiram and watch the attack. This move takes two energy cards from your deck, instead of the bench.
  2. Scorching Column (4 energy cards): This move deals 110 damage points and completely burns your opponents Pokémon. Oh and, no coin flip required here.
  3. Vermillion GX (4 energy cards): Use this move to deal 180 damage points and attack up to five Fire energy from your hand to Reshiram, any way you wish!

8. Charizard EX (XY Black Star)

Charizard EX (XY Black Star)

Charizard EX is another of the best Pokémon TCG cards because it has a high HP of 180 and two possible active moves. Here’s what you can do

  1. Stroke (1 energy card): If you get heads on a coin flip, you have the power to take 3 basic energy cards from the deck and attach them to Charizard.
  2. Fire Blast (4 energy card): As the main attack, Charizard deals 120 damage points.

9. Mega Blastoise EX (XY Evolutions)

Mega Blastoise EX (XY Evolutions)

Mega Blastoise EX is a double-edged sword. This card comes with a big evolution rule: once one of your Pokémon mega evolves, you end your turn.

However, this Pokémon card packs a big punch with its attack. Use the Hydro Bombard attack and deal 120 damage points as well as 30 more damage points to two of your opponent's benched cards - no weakness or resistance applied.

For the cost of only three water energy cards, this Pokémon card is a great addition to your deck.

10. Solgaleo GX (Sun & Moon)

Solgaleo GX (Sun & Moon)

Once evolving from Cosmeom, Solgaleo GX is a powerhouse Pokémon. It has 250 HP, a resistance to Psychic, and two awesome attack moves. It’s weakness to fire doesn’t even matter with so much power. Check out the great moves Solgaleo offers!

  1. Shining Mane (an ability): When in play, all of your Pokémon have no weakness.
  2. Turbo Strike (2 energy cards): This move attaches two basic energy cards from your discard pile to any of your benched Pokémon. It also serves 120 damage points.
  3. Prominence GX (2 energy): Using this move heals the damage of all your Pokémon (did someone call the doctor?)

Whether benched or in play, Solgaleo’s moves can be used. A great card to have on reserve, you can’t go wrong with it!

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