Random Facts about Funko Pops

Beloved by millions of fans all over the world, Funko Pops have become a staple element of geek culture. As a tribute to the original creator Mike Becker, we’ve put together a list of random and fun facts about these bug-eyed beauties that have occupied our tabletops, shelves, and side tables for more than a decade.

Fact #1: The Science Behind Their Cute Faces

Funko Pops can be recognized through their signature features—namely, big eyes and a large head. But apparently, there’s a lot more to the cute faces than what we’ve come to know and love today. The Art Director at Funko, Sean Wilkinson, said that there is a science to making them look adorable—even the nose is placed just below the figure’s eye line because it looks more endearing.

Fact #2: Fans Used to Hate Funko Pops

Hard to believe, but there was a time when the beloved vinyl figures we’ve come to know and love today weren’t popular at all. Fans were more used to the bobble-head figures popularized by the movie Austin Powers. So when the new anime-style vinyl figures came out during the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, not many fans were impressed. It was only after licenses like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones that people came around to the idea.

Funko Pops for the popular medical television drama, The Resident

Fact #3: Some Funko Pops Are Worth Up to $$$$

There are some Funko Pop characters that actually sell for up to thousands of dollars. This could be due to exclusive releases, limited production, or prototype figures that were never sold in the market. Either way, all were valued at extremely high prices. Dedicated fans and show geeks are still willing to pay big bucks just to get their hands on these rare pieces.

Fact #4: Batman is the Most Reproduced Pop Character

Yes, that’s right! Batman is indeed the most reproduced license character in the Funko Pop range. It has over 100 designs making the self-made superhero a big favorite among fans of the DC universe and generally across the board. Despite their large sales numbers, some Batman renditions are super rare and have a resale value in the thousands.  

Fact #5: No Funko Pops for Nintendo…Ever!

Considering the wild success of Mario Bros. and the huge fan following they have, you’d think there would be quite a few Funko Pop versions of its character, right? Well, think again because Nintendo has a strong reputation for protecting its intellectual property. This is why Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Link were never produced by Funko as Pop vinyl figures.

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