Pandemic Affects Vivid Voltage Release

Pandemic Affects Vivid Voltage Release

Pokémon has been on the rise in the last year, as sales went up by 69% in March 2019 and Pokémon Go has collected $13.6 million worldwide (in just a couple of weeks this amount went up to $23 million.) Players in the United States account for the most spent, coming in at $7.8 million. 

Just this summer, Pokémon released Darkness Ablaze and had Charizard cards valued at over $700 on Ebay and other online auctions. The proof is in the numbers, Pokémon is more popular than ever and just hit a new height with the Vivid Voltage release. 

Pokémon Pushes Vivid Release Deliveries

As you may know, the release date for Vivid Voltage is planned for the 13th of November. However, Pokémon has informed all American and Candian distributors that they are unable to answer to the high demand of delivery of S&S4 in one shot, so they will receive deliveries in two to three waves.

Thus, Pokémon has asked all distributors to inform their clients, boutiques such as Geek Fashion and, of the change in fulfillment of deliveries. Due to logistical causes and constraint in production from the high demand during the pandemic, boutiques will receive their products in multiple shipments. 

The first shipment will arrive on time on November 13th and a second delivery will arrive two to three weeks after. The third shipment may take as long as December to arrive. 

If you have already pre-ordered your Vivid Voltage products, your order will be prioritized for delivery. If a distributor is unable to deliver your products in the first wave of shipments, you will be advised of so and be prioritized in the next shipment. 

Build ‘n’ Battle Kits are Limited

In regards to Build ‘n’ Battle kits, Pokémon announced on August 28th that one of the four cards will be the very popular Charizard card. Due to popularity, sales skyrocketed and everyone wanted to get their hands on it. 

Due to the frenzy, Pokémon announced that quantities are limited and only select boutiques will have access to the small number of boxes. The prerelease date of boutiques holding these boxes were announced on October 31st and Street Date Build ‘n’ Battle Kit will be announced November 27th, 2020.

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