Myths Surrounding Funko Pops

Standing tall at no more than 3.75 inches, Funko Pop figures more than stand their ground in the collectibles market today—in fact, they dominate it. Funko Pops represent every facet of pop culture and bring characters from cult classic TV series, blockbuster films, and even video games to life. Apart from fictional characters, you can also find lovable doe-eyed figurines of real-world celebrities, including Conan O’Brien, Tupac, Bob Ross, and Stan Lee.

Of course, with Funko Pops drawing so heavily from pop culture, you’ve probably heard a few myths about these pop vinyl figures. Let’s explore some.

Myth #1: Funko Pops Are Just Toys

Toys are objects designed for play. Just like plastic action figures from our childhood, Funko Pops are a great way to unfurl creativity and get any child’s imagination running with roleplay games.

But that’s not all that Funko Pops have to offer. Many Funko Pop owners are adults that love to collect memorabilia from their favorite TV shows and movies. In fact, some exclusive or limited edition Funko Pops are extremely valuable, with dedicated fans willing to pay thousands of dollars just to get their hands on these rare pieces.

Myth #2: Funko Pops Are Only a Fad

Fads are short-lived by definition. Funko Pop figures have been around for more than two decades, and their popularity only seems to be growing. What makes Funko Pops so universally endearing is that they routinely bring in fans of new and old franchises to build interest and appeal to all audiences.

Popular Funko Pop figures taken out of their boxes

Myth #3: Funko Pops Are Only for Geeks

Funko Pops are based on tons of different characters that people love. What makes Funko Pops so successful is that they span across numerous fanbases and unite people with different interests.

For instance, the success of the pop vinyl figures of NFL players shows that the hard divide between nerds and sports is clearly a myth. The geek collectibles series of NFL players was a massive success which goes to show that fans of Funko Pops love catching the big game as much as the latest comic series.

Myth #4: You Shouldn’t Open a Funko Pop

Funko Pops come in neatly windowed packaged that makes them easy to view and store. Whether or not you choose to open the package is entirely up to you. Many collectors prefer to keep their Funko Pop figures in mint condition to retain their value. However, if you like them displayed outside the package, there’s no hard and fast rule about never taking it out of the box.

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