3 Cute Funko Pops You Can Give To A Marvel Fan

Marvel fans are everywhere! With the hundreds of characters in the franchise, it’s impossible not to find a friend or partner who loves a particular movie or character.

With so many Marvel fans, you’re bound to find one in your life too! Here are some fun and adorable Funko Pop Marvel figurines you can get them.

Thor Funko Pop

The God of thunder, Thor, has been a fascinating character that people adore! As the brother of Loki, Thor is often seen as fighting the good fight and doing what’s best to stop evil from winning. He possesses an enchanted hammer Mjolnir which grant him the powers he needs to fight the wrongdoers.

Get the Thor Funko Pop for your friend and let them know that you pay attention to their hour-long fan sessions on how bad-ass Thor is! We’re sure they would love the watchful eye of the Norse God on their bookshelf.

Spiderman Funko Pop

Miles Morales Funko Pop
Everyone knows Spiderman. The boy wonder who was bit by a radioactive spider to wake up with special powers! And although Funko Pop has released multiple Spiderman figurines, the latest one is inspired by Spiderman Into The Spiderverse.

This particular Funko Pop features Miles Morales, the fictional superhero, which first appeared in a comic book series in Aug of 2011, but has since been popularized by the latest Spiderman animated movie! Whether your friend is a fan of the comic books, movie, or just Spiderman in general, we’re sure they would love Miles Morales in their collection!

Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool, also known as Wade Winston Wilson, is a recurring character in the Marvel comic book universe. He also has two films released, which garnered a large fan following. The quirky and sarcastic character was easy to love, even if you aren’t a superhero fan!

Deadpool is famously known as the antihero, where he doesn’t follow the same script as other superheroes, and also has many internal conflicts. He makes for an incredibly related character, even with his superhuman strength!  So he will always be a treasured gift to your friend.

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